Rustic Charm, Elegant celebrations.

The Party and Events facility at the renowned Encanto is a gem that elevates gatherings and celebrations to a whole new level.

Nestled within the natural splendor of the farmhouse, it’s a versatile and charming space designed to host a wide array of events, from Birthday parties and Anniversary celebrations to corporate functions and cultural festivals. What sets this facility apart is the seamless integration of the indoors with the outdoors, allowing guests to revel in the breathtaking surroundings. With lush gardens and scenic vistas, it offers an enchanting backdrop that complements the farmhouse’s rustic elegance.

This venue is not only about aesthetics but also practicality. It’s equipped with modern amenities and facilities to accommodate events of various sizes and styles. From beautifully appointed banquet halls to open-air settings perfect for outdoor soirées, Encanto’s party and events facility ensures that every occasion is executed flawlessly. Our team of experienced event planners and staff are dedicated to making each event a success, leaving a lasting impression on guests. Whether you’re planning a family gathering or a grand celebration, Encanto’s party and events facility promises an unforgettable experience that harmonizes the magic of the farmhouse with your special moments.

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